LWGMS: Lake Washington Girls Middle School

Lake Washington Girls Middle School prepares girls to be confident young women, strong in mind, body, and voice.

An empowering day for humanity. Proud of our girls. #LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

We've barely left Judkins. Never been so happy to walk so slowly...so many here! #LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

Founding parent joined her L-Dub community. 💪🏼❤ #LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

#LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

Busy feminists. #LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

The International Examiner – Womxn’s March: Make sure Little Saigon, CID businesses not hurt by an event meant to empower them


Plan a meal in the ID this weekend, before or after the march, and support our neighbors!


Here is a running list of poster slogan ideas for the Womxn’s March Seattle. Our vision is for strong and positive signs that keep the spirit that “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” at the fore:
America As One Is An America For All
Dignity, Respect, And Justice For All
Diversity. Equality. Unity.
Equality For All
Feminism Is The Radical Notion That Women Are People
Girls Just Want To Have Fundamental Human Rights
Hear Our Voice
I Am A Feminist. What’s Your Superpower?
Justice Is What Love Looks Like In Public
Let’s Take Up More Space
Love Is Love Is Love Is Love Is Love Is Love
Love Is Power
Love Trumps Hate
Many Voices, One Message
March As One, March For All
March Like A Girl
March Today And Fight For Tomorrow
Men Of Quality Do Not Fear Equality
My Humanity Should Not Be Up For Debate
No Human Being Is Illegal
No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed
Normalize Equality
Nothing Trumps Human Rights
Nothing Trumps Justice
Our Voice Is The Future
Progress Through Resistance
Respect Everyone. Period.
Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance
Silence Is Not An Option
Stop Saying I’m Someone’s Sister, Mother, Daughter: I Am Someone And That Should Be Enough.
Strength In Diversity
The Future Is Female
The Rise Of The Woman = The Rise Of The Nation
There Is No You Without Us
This Is What A Humanist Looks Like
Virtue Can Only Flourish Among Equals
Walls Won’t Divide Us
We Are The Storm And We Will Leave Light In Our Wake
We Will Be Heard
Women United Are Stronger Than A Country Divided
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
Women’s Rights Are Not A Privilege
Stand Up Speak Out
Grl Pwr
Hear Us Roar
Girls To The Front
No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed
Equality Now
Black Lives Matter
Idle No More
Honor The Treaties
Laws Off Our Bodies
Equal Healthcare = Equal Rights
A Women’s Place Is In The Revolution
Women United Against Oppression
Love In Your Outdoor Voice
You Belong

#LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

L-Dub is preparing to march for equality and justice on Saturday at the Womxn’s March Seattle! Seattle is expected to host the third-largest resistance gathering in the country, with organizers expecting more than 50,000 people to walk in a powerful, silent mass from Judkins Park and Playground in the Central District to Seattle Center. We are thrilled that so many members of our community will be there. We expect to be 125+ L-Dub strong, and we’re thrilled that – because L-Dub alumnae lead them – members of the Feminist Unions of Garfield, Franklin, and Roosevelt will be marching with us.

Organizers are asking participants to rely primarily on signs, works of art, and their presence, rather than their voices, to express their views during most of the 3.6-mile trek from Judkins Park to Seattle Center. They state, “We are a varied and diverse group. Each of us marches with our unique intention, personal fears, and deeply felt anger. If we all speak at once, observers will only hear noise; they will not hear the message. They will hear only angst; they will not hear the issues. In silence, we cannot be dismissed as an angry mob, hysterical and illogical. In silence, we will focus our message. Silence compels attention.”

Please join us for a Peaceful Protest Sign Making Party – so we can make the raddest signs on the route – on Friday from 4:30-6:30p! We’ll have supplies for 50 signs, but you are more than welcome and encouraged to bring your own. (We’ll also have snacks.)

Materials to bring may include:
Poster board in any color you want (fluorescent is great)
Cardboard from old boxes
Poster paint
Permanent markers (in case the weather is bad, we don’t want ink to run)
Clear packing tape and/or duct tape
Cardboard tubes for sign-carriers. (Please do not use wooden stakes for your signs.)

RSVP link in bio! #LWGMS #LWGMSAtTheMarch #WMoS #WomensMarch #SeaYouAtTheMarch #WhyIMarch

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810 18th Ave
Seattle, WA
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